5 Best Apps to Make Money in India Online 2024

Do you still search on google for the best apps to make money in India? If yes then it’s time to get the answer. Everyone wants to earn money online at home but the question is How?

Well, there are so many ways to earn money online at home, in our today’s article we will going to tell you about the one way from them which is online earning applications that’s why our todays discussion topic will be “Best apps to make money in India”

We have made a list of best apps to make money in India which are different from each other. So, without wasting your valuable time anymore let’s start the article.

Best apps to make money in India

1. Meesho


We are going to start the list of best apps to make money in India with one of the most popular reselling app Meesho, here you can earn money by selling products online.

Let me explain about the process, As we know that Meesho is a reselling app, when you sell a product from meesho you earn a commission once the product is successfully delivered to your customers address and after the return period is over.

The best things that I have noticed in this app that you can set your profit margin by yourself. You can also earn money by its refer and earn policy.

  • Easy way to start online reselling business
  • Zero Investment
  • Almost Riskless
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Trusted

2. Shopsy

Shopsy by flipkart

So, we continue our list of best apps to make money in India with our second application which is shopsy, if you don’t know about the shopsy app then let me tell you that shopsy is also an online reselling application where you resell their products earn commission through it.

There should no be any trust issues because this app is authorized by Flipkart. Just like the other reselling platform you can earn a commission when you resell a product from their platform you will earn a profit margin basically commission on your linked bank account after the return period is over.

  • A subsidiary of Flipkart
  • Almost riskless
  • Withdrawal limit is 100
  • Zero Investment

3. Groww

Groww App Interface

Groww is one of the largest stock market app in India, you can earn money by trading and investing in stokes through this app and that’s why we include this app in our list of best apps to make money in India.

 If you interested in stock market then this app should be the best app to make money online in India. All the popular companies are listed in this apps you can buy their shares and sell through this app.

Your earnings will transfer to your liked bank account directly. But here you need know about the stock market before investing otherwise there is a possibility of loss.

  • Highly Profitable
  • You will have to pay a minimum amount to create a Demat Account
  • Financial and Investment Risk is there

4. GlowRoad by Amazon


Our 4th application GlowRoad is focused on impowering women to start their own businesses and give them an opportunity to earn money from home.

Like the other reselling apps you can resell all type of products from clothes to technical gadgets etc. and you will get some commission on each and every order.

Your earnings will directly transferred to your bank account automatically once the return period is over. The app GlowRoad is linked with popular online e commerce platform Amazon so there should no trust issues here.

The interface of this app is also very easy to use and user friendly, so I don’t think you will have any problem while using it.

So, these above things make this app one of the best apps to make money in India.

  • Start without investing a single penny
  • Almost riskless
  • Amazon trusted
  • User friendly
  • Wide ranges of products

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5. Dream 11 Fantasy

Dream 11 Fantasy app

We are going to end this list with one of the oldest and most famous fantasy app Dream 11. There are very few people who don’t know about this app and if you are not among them then you might know that you can earn money through this app by playing fantasy games.

Because you can earn money in it that’s the reason behind being on this list of best app to make money in India, especially for cricket lovers it an great opportunity to earn money through this app.

If you want to earn money form this app you just have to make teams and join contest that’s  it. You can play here almost all type of games and earn money through it.

You can transfer your winnings into your bank account directly in just one click, the minimum withdrawal limit is just Rs 50 only.

But always remember that this Game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive please play responsibly at your own risk.

  • Minimum withdrawal Rs.50
  • Multiple Games to play
  • Good earning potential

FAQs : Best Apps to Make Money in India Online

1. Which is the best Money earning app in India?

These are the best money earning app in India
1. Meesho
2. Shopsy
3. GlowRoad
4. Groww
5. Dream 11

2. Which Apps give you real money?

All these apps give you real money
1. Meesho
2. Shopsy
3. GlowRoad
4. Groww
5. Dream 11

3. How to earn daily Rs.100?

You can earn daily Rs. 100 by reselling easily.

4. Which is the best application for earn money?

we already discuss about the best application for earn money such as
1. Meesho
2. Shopsy
3. GlowRoad
4. Groww
5. Dream 11


So, this was the list of best apps to make money in India that will allow you to earn money from home and give you a chance to become self-reliant.

There in this above list you will find three reselling well reputed and most used applications, one Stock market related application and one fantasy related application. So, here you are getting three ways to earn money online.

Hope this article will help you to earn money through the app in India from home. If this article is helpful to you then please leave a comment on the below comment box or is you have any quarries related to this topic then feel free to ask me on the below section. I will definitely try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading this article till END.

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