Daikin vs Carrier AC which is better Daikin or Carrier ? 2024

In our today’s article we will talk about the differences between Daikin vs Carrier ACs and also know which is better for our home.

Whenever we are going to buy an Air Conditioner in the market, we get confused hearing different brand names from the sales man such as Hitachi, Lloyd, Daikin, Carrier, LG, Panasonic etc.

And as a result we brought the wrong product at home, but not anymore. We will discuss about the two most popular AC brands Daikin vs Carrier among the above mentioned AC brands.

So, let’s explain the entire matter through the simple words.

Daikin vs Carrier AC Brands Information

Daikin Air Conditioners

DAIKIN 1 ton 3 star AC
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Japanese Brand Daikin is one of the world leaders in the air conditioners industries. But Daikin was not an Air Conditioner brand from the beginning. But after being established in 1984, they manufactured and sold radiator tubes specifically for aircraft engines.

At 1951 they entered in the air conditioners industries, apart from Japan they have expanded their businesses to more than 150 countries including India. Now Daikin has become one of the major players in the Air conditioners industries.

Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier 1.5 ton 3 star ac
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The Brand Carrier founded in 1915 in United State, this US brand was founded by Willis Carrier, if you not familiar with this name then let me tell you. Willis Carrier is considered as the father of modern air conditioners.

It was established as Carrier Engineering Corporation but later it renamed as Carrier Corporation. First they started with commercial ACs and then gradually they entered the residential segment as well.

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Daikin vs Carrier AC Features

Daikin AC features

There are multiple features on it such as

1. Intelligence eye

As you can understand from the name, it has a sensor that automatically adjusts the room temperature based on the number of people in your room. Suppose if your room is empty then it automatically stop cooling the room and save your electricity.

When someone enters in the room it will start cooling the room again automatically.

2. Quite Operations

There is always a competition between AC brands to see who can produce the least amount of noise. In that aspect, it must be said that Daikin is very advanced in this regard.

3. Coanda Air flow

Coanda Air flow is a type of indirect air flow use in ACs, which provides more comfort cooling than direct air flow. In this method of air flow first it throws the cool air upwards and then it distribute completely.

4. TAP Air Purification system

Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic in short TAP air purification system helps you to remove all types of dust particles and germs from the room air and makes your room air more healthier.

Carrier AC features

Like the Daikin AC Carrier has also a lot of features such as,

1. Weather Armor Ultra Protection

As the name suggests it protects the AC unit from rough weathers and make this all weather ready. This protection shield is specially applied on ACs outdoor Units by galvanized steel and a protective coating of a specialize water proof paint.

2. Puron Refrigerant

One of the major problems in today’s world is global warming due to wider use of ACs global warming is increases at a faster rate, so the AC brands has already taken few major steps to prevent this. On of them is Puron Refrigerant.

3. Quite Operation

Like the other brands Carrier pays attention to minimize the operation noise and bring it down at a lower level. Carrier use sound dampening technology to accomplish this task well.

4. Air Purification

The US brand Carrier uses multiple layers of air filters to reduce the dust particles and germs from the indoor air such as UV nano, PM 2.5 etc.

Daikin vs Carrier AC : Detailed Comparison

We differentiate between Daikin vs Carrier AC and divided them into few different parts, now we will discuss them one by one.

1. Power Consumption

As we know that power consumption depends on various factors such as ISEER, BEE ratings, Tonnage, Cooling Capacity, room size, etc. So we can’t judge from the one side that which is better in power consumption.

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2. ISEER ratings

As the power consumption, it cannot be answered directly, ISEER ratings depends on the particular AC models. But we can say that both of these companies maintain required ISEER ratings on their most of the ACs.

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3. AC Features

Both of these AC brands are packed with multiple features such as different types of Air filters, Operative functions, Cooling modes to control etc.

4. AC Noise Level

Both of these Daikin vs Carrier AC are less noisy but in terms of noise Daikin is slightly better but it also depends on AC models. Most of them are less noisy.

5. Price

If you are on a budget then both of these AC brands may be one of the best options for you. These two brands provides value for money products at very lower cost.

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6. After Sale Services

After sale services depends on where you are living, but the after sale services of a Daikin AC is better as of me. But after sale services depends on your local area.

7. Warranty

These two AC brand provides 1 year comprehensive 5 years PCB and 10 years warranty on compressors in most of their ACs but still there are few exceptions.

Daikin vs Carrier AC Comparison Table

TopicsDaikin ACCarrier ACResults
Energy Efficiency785.67 kilo watts hrs per year754.05 kilo watts hrs per yearCarrier
Price45490 currently40990 currentlyCarrier
Noise Level38 dB38 dBTie
ISEER Ratings5.25.13Daikin
Capacity111 to 150 sq. ft. roomsUp to 150 sq. ft. roomsTie
Warranty5 Years PCB, 10 Years compressor5 Years PCB, 10 Years compressorTie

FAQs. Daikin vs Carrier AC Differences

1. Is Carrier or Daikin better?

Both of them are best at their places

2. Which brand AC is best for home?

In my personal opinion Daikin AC is best for home but you can go with the carrier AC if you are on budget

3. Is Carrier a good brand of AC?

Yes obviously, Carrier is a good brand of AC?

4. Is Daikin AC best in the world?

No, not at all but Daikin is one of the most reliable AC brand in the World

5. Why people buy Daikin AC?

People trust and buy Daikin AC because of their cooling technologies, services, power efficiency etc.

6. Is carrier AC good?

Yes, definitely carrier is one of the best AC brand in India

7. Which AC quality is best?

Both are best in terms of quality but if you have to choose any of them you can go for Carrier AC as per me.


So, these are the detailed comparison between Daikin vs Carrier AC, if you want to know who is the winner then it is quite difficult to answered this question because it depends on your demands, areas, budget and models.

Hope, this article will help you too choose the best AC among them, according to your needs if this article is helpful to you then comment me below or if you have any quarries related to this topic then feel free to ask me below.

I wild finitely try to answer your all questions as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article till end.

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