Bluestar vs Daikin AC Review : Which is better ? 2024

If you look at the list of best selling ACs in India then you must be find these two names called Bluestar and Daikin on the top 10, from this article you have got an idea about these two brands.

When you go to buy an AC in your local market it is natural that you will hear the names of these two AC brands. Now if you confused between these two ACs Bluestar and Daikin AC then don’t worry.

We have created this article for many customers like you after a lot of research so that you don’t have any difficulty in choosing between these two AC, we compare these two brands Bluestar vs Daikin in details so that you dont have to go anywhere else after reading this article completely.

But before going to the comparison let’s take a short introduction of these two brands. So, without wasting your time anymore let’s get started.

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Bluestar AC Review

Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Convertible 5 in 1 Cooling Inverter Split AC
Pic Credit: Amazon

This Indian brand Bluestar was founded by Mohan T Advani in 1943. This company is specialize in air conditioning products, they produce various types of ACs such as residential, commercial, and industrial etc. With their quality products and services they becomes one of the best Indian AC brands in India.

Bluestar AC features

Air Filters: A Bluestar AC is equipped with various air filters that removes the unwanted dust particles from your room air and improves the quality of your indoor air.

Smart Features: Various Bluestar ACs are comes with different types of smart features such as AI, Voice control etc. That improves your living style.

Daikin AC Review

DAIKIN 1 ton 3 star AC
Pic Credit: Amazon

Daikin was firstly introduced in 1924, it’s an Japanese brand who introduce world’s first fully automatic split air conditioner system in 1963. We will not talk about them more because we already discuss this in details in our previous article. If you want to know about the brand Daikin better then you can check out our previous article Daikin vs Carrier AC.

Daikin AC Features

Triple Display: Most of the Daikin ACs are comes with triple display features where you can monitor current temperature, modes on which your AC is running apart from these two the triple display features will helps you to figure out the problem occur is any by showing the error code on it.

Conda Air Flow Feature: By using this method a Daikin AC would not throw the cold air directly, it distribute the cool air through celling.

Bluestar vs Daikin AC Differences

Bluestar vs Daikin Comparison

1. Price

If we try to differentiate between these two Bluestar vs Daikin AC by the price then we can try to give you an idea about this.

A Daikin 1.0 ton 3 star AC comes at a lower price point of 32000 rupees whereas Bluestar 1.0 ton 3 star AC starting at 31000 rupees only. But always remember price depends on that particular time when you check this.

So, if we have to choose one of them in terms of price then that should be Bluestar. But price also depends on models and many other circumstances.

2. Brand Presence

Daikin is available in different regions such as Asia, Europe, America, Oceania etc. They are on the list of best selling ACs in various markets. While the Indian brand Bluestar has grab a strong presence in Indian market.

So, both of these two AC brands Bluestar and Daikin has a strong presence in the Indian AC market now the rest is your decision.

3. Power Consumption

We cannot tell you which AC consume less power because it depends on certain conditions such as BEE star ratings, ISEER value, tonnage, type etc.

But we can try to explain this points through an example of a Daikin 1.0 ton 3 star AC, this particular model of Daikin consumes 680.4 kilo watt hrs energy per year.

On the other hand a Bluestar 1.0 ton 3 star AC consumes 704.42 kilo watt hours energy per year. So, from that particular example we can say that a Bluestar AC is more energy efficient than a Daikin AC.

But at the conclusion we have to mention that these result may depends on the specific AC model which are being compared.

4. ISEER ratings

Indian seasonal energy efficient ratio is an energy efficiency ratings that rates the electronic appliances as per their annual power consumption. The ISEER ratings is becomes mandatory in every large electronic appliances since 2018.

We mentioned a detailed chart below to get an clear idea about the ISEER (Indian seasonal energy efficient ratio) ratings.

Split AC and Window AC ISEER ratings Chart

Star ratingsSplit AC (Min-Max)Window AC (Min-Max)
1 star3.1 – 3.292.5 – 2.69
2 Stars3.3 – 3.492.7 – 2.89
3 Stars3.5 – 3.992.9 – 3.09
4 Stars4.0 – 4.493.1 – 3.29
5 Stars4.5 above3.3 above

5. Noise

Both of these two AC brand produces air conditioners with less noise, but aging it depends on a particular model. In most of the cases Daikin performs really well in terms of Noise level.

If we talk about the noise level of a Daikin 1.0 ton 3 star AC vs Bluestar 1.0 ton 3 star AC then the result should be as follows.

A Bluestar 1.0 ton 3 star AC produces 30.5 dB noise whereas a Daikin 1.0 ton 3 star AC creates just 29 dB noise while cooling.

So, on the basis of this example we can say that Daikin generates less noise than a Bluestar AC. But agree that AC models matter a lot.

6. Warranty

Bluestar vs Daikin both these two ACs provides 1 year comprehensive warranty from the date of purchase in each and every single models. Apart from these above they provide a minimum 5 years PCB (Printed Circuit Board) warranty and 10 Years warranty on Compressor in some AC models.

So, there are not a single differences between them in terms of warranties.

7. After Sale Services

Their after sale services are also very good, in fact this is one of the major reasons behind their huge customers base across the world. If we talk about India then you will find their service centres on almost every Indian cities.

So, as an customer you will get the best after sale services from these two ACs.

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FAQs. Bluestar vs Daikin AC

1. Is Blue star better than Daikin?

We can say that but in certain conditions

2. Is Blue star a good AC brand?

Yes, definitely Blue Star is a great brand that offers a wide range of features

3. Why Daikin AC is best?

Daikin AC offers a wide range of filters, they are more energy efficient, produce less noise etc.

4. What is the average life of Daikin AC?

The average life of Daikin AC has a large lifespan of 10 to 15 years

5. Which AC is cheaper to run?

The running cost depends on various conditions, but if we talk about the above examples then we can say that Bluestar AC is cheaper to run than Daikin AC.

6. Which AC has best quality?

Both of these two AC are best the answer is totally depends on a particular customer demands

7. What is the lifespan of Daikin?

The Average lifespan of an Daikin AC is approximately 10 to 12 years


At the conclusion we can say that, this above comparison between Bluestar vs Daikin AC is just an example to give an clear idea to our readers about these two brands. We picked two ACs from these two brands to make this comparison.

We totally agree that the result of the above discussion could have been different on the model from these above differences we can easily understand that both of these two AC brands are good and bad in some cases, which we mentioned in the above discussion clearly.

Hope this article will help you a lot on this above topic if this is helpful to you then please comment me below and share it with your friends. If you have any suggestion for me or if you have any quarries then please suggest or ask me below on the comment section.

I will definitely try to answer your all quarries as soon as possible, thanks for reading this article till end.

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