Air Conditioners Buying Guide 2024

Are you still looking for an answer to this question of how to choose an AC for home? Or simply put, are you looking for an AC buying guide. Then you have come to the right place.

It is tough and complicated but not impossible but these AC companies make it more complicated for the customers by giving new names to each and every features.

Now if you are going to buy an AC to prevent this scoring heat of summer and looking for an AC buying guide then this article will definitely helps you to do that.

Because in this article we will discuss about ac buying guide details and try to find out the answer of this question that How to choose an AC for Home? So, let’s start.

How to Choose an AC for Home?

To get the answer to this question you need to go through certain things such as Room Size, Energy Consumption, Types of Air conditioner, Noise level, Brands, maintenance, features last and most important warranties. We will discuss these in details below.

How to Choose Air Conditioner size?

ACs Size depends on your Room Size so, we will discuss this two things together for your better understanding. Room Size and AC size are proportional to each other. If the room size increases, the AC size will also increase proportionally.

We have made a list to better understand the relationship between room size and AC size.

50 to 90 Sq ft0.75 to 0.8 ton
90 to 120 Sq ft1 ton
120 to 160 Sq ft1.5 ton
160 to 220 Sq ft2 ton

From the above table you definitely get an Idea about Room size and their suitable AC size.

Air Conditioner Power Consumption

Before buying any electric appliances you need to know its annual power consumption, same goes for AC. Before buying an AC, don’t forget to check its annual power consumption. ACs annual power consumption depends on few things such as BEE star ratings tonnage etc. Proportional relationship between power consumption and Tonnage.

We have explained the relationship between star ratings and annual power consumption in a table below to make the matter more simple.

BEE Star ratingsAnnual Power Consumption
1 Star>900 kWh Per Year
2 stars800 to 900 kWh Per Year
3 Stars700 to 800 kWh Per Year
4 Stars600 to 700 kWh Per Year
5 Stars<600 kWh Per Year

So, from this list you can get a clear idea about the annual power consumption of 1 to 5 star AC.

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Types of Air Conditioner

Types of Air conditioner can be divided into may different categories but in our today’s article we will only divided them into two main categories. Such as Windows AC and Split AC. Let’s have quick look on both type of ACs.

Windows AC

Window AC is a type of Ac in which both the units Compressor unit and indoor unit are merged together in a single unit. This type of AC is usually kept in windows for that reason it called window ac. Such AC are capable to cooling small rooms very well. But since the compressor unit and the indoor unit connected together that’s why it produces a lot of noise.

Split AC

Split AC is one of the most used AC models that can be found in almost every home. Split ac consist of two units indoor unit and outdoor unit. A split AC does not produces less noise than window ac because its compressor unit is inside the outdoor unit. It is capable of cooling all types of rooms from small to large.

Inverter AC

When you set a desire temperature on a inverter AC then it run itself at the full speed to achieve the desire temperature and then when it achieve its desire temperature its compressor runs slowly to maintain the desire temperature.

Non inverter AC

When you turn on a Non inverter AC it will start cooling your room in its full capacity and once the air conditioner reached at its desire temperature then it will automatically turn Off, the cycle repeats again and again.

For more details inverter A and Non inverter AC check out our previous article Inverter AC vs Non Inverter AC differences

Noise Level

Don’t forget to check the noise level before going to purchase a air conditioner form online or offline market. Generally, windows AC produces more noise as compare to split ac. So, if you going to buy and window ac it will be louder.


After buying an Air conditioner the biggest expense is its maintenance cost after power consumption, So, definitely buy a high technology branded ac from an expensive company with very low maintenance.  Our previous article Best low maintenance AC in India 2023 will definitely help you to choose a best low maintenance AC for you.


AC is an expensive electronic appliances so before buying it must check its warranty period and read their terms and conditions carefully. Before buying an Ac check the PCB (Printed circuit board) warranty and compressor warranty.

FAQs : AC buying Guide

1. How to choose air conditioner size?

AC size depends on room size and the areas temperature, I have already discussed this topic above.

2. Which type of AC is best for home?

In my personal opinion Split ACs are best for home.

3. Which AC is good for home in India?

Split ACs are best but if your room size is small then windows ACs or portable is also effective for you.


So, this was the AC buying guide for 2023, I you get your answer the question how to chooser an ac for home? 

Hope, this article will help you too choose an best AC according to your needs if this article is helpful to you then comment me below or if you have any quarries related to this topic then feel free to ask me below.

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