Daikin vs Hitachi AC which is Better? 2024

If you look at the list of best selling AC brands then you will most likely find these two brands Daikin and Hitachi on this list. That’s why in our today’s article we are going to make a detail comparison between Daikin vs Hitachi AC.

So, that you can easily choose anyone from these two brands Daikin vs Hitachi. But in this article we will not confused you as most of the others.

We will get you closer to making the right choice between these two Daikin vs Hitachi. Hope, you don’t have to search this same thing anywhere after reading this article completely.

To do this we take two ACs from these two above brands having the same star ratings, tonnage and price and with this two ac we will compare Daikin vs Hitachi Ac in details.

So, without wasting your time anymore let’s start the article without any delay.

Daikin AC

Our first brand Daikin is a Japanese brand who started their journey in 1924 in Osaka Japan. At first it was called Osaka Precision Machinery Manufacturing Company later in 1951 it was named Daikin.

At first they make radiator tubes for aircraft later they started making air conditioners. Daikin introduce world’s first fully automatic split air conditioner system in 1963.

We picked the Daikin 1.5 ton 3 star Inverter split AC for comparison

DAIKIN 1 ton 3 star AC
Pic Credit: Amazon

Hitachi AC

The Japanese brand Hitachi founded in 1910 but they entered in the Japanese air conditioner market in 1930. The hermetic scroll compressor technology was firstly introduced in Japanese air conditioner market by the brand Hitachi.

They also try to introduce something special on their air conditioners. This could also be a reason behind their good sales.

We took Hitachi 1.5 ton 3 star inverter split AC for an example

Pic Credit: Amazon

Daikin vs Hitachi AC features

The real identity of any electronic product is its various types of features by which companies attract their customers. Some of these features are useful and some are not.

Today we will talk about some of the useful features of these two ACs that provides extra benefits to a customer.

Daikin AC features

You will get several useful features on a Daikin AC such as:

Coanda Air Flow

The Coanda Airflow is a air distributing technic that distribute the cool air throughout the room equally. This method uses the celling to distribute the cold air evenly throughout the room.


Basically, it helps you in troubleshooting. But how? Let me tell you, whenever any problem occurs in it, it will detect the problem automatically and show it on its display, from which you can easily shootout the problem.

Intelligent Eye feature

It can detect human presence in the room with the help of an infrared sensor. By using this sensor it can control its temperature automatically.

You can check out our previous Daikin vs Carrier AC comparison to know more about some extra features of Daikin AC.

Intelligent Heat Pump

The intelligent heat pump keeps your room warm during the winter and creates a comfortable atmosphere on your room.

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Hitachi AC features

Just like the Daikin AC, Hitachi AC has also some noticeable features:

iSee technology

As the name suggest, the air conditioner can see your room clearly. But how? It uses a modern sensor to detect or count the number of the people are in the room and then cools the room according to it just like the Daikin’s Intelligent EYE feature.

Auto climate feature

It can adjust the temperature at the required with the help of its Auto Climate feature. This feature reads all the aspects of weather such as humidity, temperature etc. and provides cooling according to it.

iClean feature

If we put this simply then we can say that this is an cleaning function that can remove dust and other unwanted particles from your AC.

Difference between Daikin Vs Hitachi AC

Now that you have an idea about these above two AC brands, let’s take a look at the detail comparison between these two ACs Daikin vs Hitachi.

As we said earlier that the whole comparison will based on two medium range ACs from these two brands Daikin vs Hitachi by which you will get a clear idea about these two brands.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of an air conditioner depends on various aspects such as star ratings, Cooling capacity, Tonnage, AC type (window or split) etc. So, we cannot take one particular name.

We can determine the power consumption of an particular AC model but we cannot determine the power consumption of an entire brand.

In this case if we compare these ACs that we have taken from these two brands then we can see that Daikin AC is better than Hitachi AC. (But it depends on particular model)

ISEER and BEE ratings

ISEER and BEE ratings are printed on the top of the electronic appliances to provide the information about the power consumption to the buyers.

The higher ISEER value indicates more energy efficiency. Generally, Daikin ACs has good ISEER value. But among the two ACs that we have taken as an example, the ISEER value of Hitachi AC is slightly higher than Daikin AC. (As per model)


Price becomes one of the most important factors when we are going to purchase something. In that case both of these two AC brands provides value for money products at every range.

But in terms of 40000 budget range, Hitachi offers almost the same features as the Daikin AC at a lower price. I will repeat again that all models are not same.


In terms of performance these two brands Daikin vs Hitachi stands really well. They provide efficient cooling at every weather conditions and makes your room more comfortable.


Both of these two AC brands produce less noise but it also depends of particular model. If we compare these two AC models that we have, the result should be as follows:

The Daikin 1.5 ton 3 star split AC produces 33 dB noise whereas Hitachi 1.5 ton 3 star split AC produces 34 dB noise.

Cooling Capacity

Daikin vs Hitachi both of these two AC brands can cool a small to large size room very efficiently as per their tonnage.

So, the point of cooling capacity is equally distributed by these two brands Daikin vs Hitachi both of them got equally points in terms of cooling capacity.


These two Ac brands provides 1 year comprehensive warranty from the date of purchase in almost all the AC models they have, they also provides 5 years PCB warranty and 10 years warranty on Compressor.

So, in terms of warranty you will get the same result from these two brands.


Now move on to the last and the most important point “services”.  Large appliances like air conditioners are used for a long period of time.

That’s they requires proper maintenance from time to time and if there is any problem then the brand’s service centre helps us a lot. So, having a service centre of your brand in your nearest area is very important.

Both of these two AC Brands have their service centres in most of the areas in India.

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FAQ. Daikin vs Hitachi AC

1. Which companies AC is best for home?

There are lot of best AC brands which are best for home.

2. Is Hitachi a good brand?

Yes, Hitachi is an trusted brand they have a huge customers base globally

3. How good is Daikin AC?

Daikin is one of the best AC brand in India, they provides best value for money products at every ranges

4. Why is Daikin better?

Daikin is better due to some aspects such as price, energy efficiency, Customer services etc.

5. What is the life span of an Daikin AC?

The lifespan of an Daikin AC is usually 12 to 15 years or more. but it depends on few aspects

6. What company replaced Hitachi?

Koki Holdings Co. Ltd

7. Why is Hitachi so successful?

Because of their innovation and facilities


At the conclusion we can say that we have done a detail comparison between Daikin vs Hitachi Ac above. Hope we are able to cover all the points well. We have done a neutral comparison between these two popular AC brands.

But the truth is that competition between two brands is never be possible because there are so many products and models in a single brand so it is impossible to tell which one is better. In that case we can provide an idea only that’s it.

Hope you like this article, please send your feedback about this article if this helpful to you or if you have any quarries regarding to this above topic then you can ask me below on the comment section.

I will definitely try to answer your all quarries as soon as possible. Thank you for reading this article till end.

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