LG vs Hitachi AC which is Better? 2024

Are you unable to decide between LG vs Hitachi AC which is better for you? so, don’t worry let me try to clear your confusion through this article.

I hope after reading this article you don’t have to read any other article about this topic “LG vs Hitachi AC”. In this article we will going to discuss about these two AC brands in details with their detailed specification and pros and cons.

It is a bit difficult to compare two ACs by just looking their brand, but in most of the cases it can be done as we have as we have discussed below. Hopefully it will be easier for you to understand.

So, let’s start the comparison between LG vs Hitachi AC.

LG vs Hitachi AC Differences


In terms of performance both of these two ACs are best at their places, The main duty of an air conditioner is to cool your room properly especially during summer. These two ACs will provide you very efficient cooling even on the 50 degree plus temperature. 

So, in terms of performance you cannot ignore these two ACs. These two ACs give their 100 per cent to keep you cool.

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LG and Hitachi both have various models of ACs with latest technology in their stocks but since LG puts much more emphasis on innovation than Hitachi that’s why they have relatively more innovative AC models.

ISEER ratings

As we know that ISEER ratings indicates better energy efficiency, so that’s why while buying a AC it is more important feature for a customer as well as the brand. But the problem is that we can’t say any one of these two AC brands is good because ISEER ratings is totally depends on few things such as particular model, star ratings etc.

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Now let’s come to another important point which is reliability. Whenever we buy something expensive, we are too much concerned about reliability that’s why we put this point in our checklist.

Both of these two AC brands “LG vs Hitachi AC” comes with a strong reputation, they are well known for their reliable electronic products. Japanese brand Hitachi started their journey since 1920 whereas LG established in 1958.

So, we can say that both of these two global electronic brands have enough experience in product manufacturing, delivery and services so definitely we can trust them.

Features and Modes

Both of these two ACs packed with multiple features and modes such as adjustable fan speed, inverter technology, turbo mode, sleep mode, multi split etc. features.

In terms of features and modes these two AC brands are fully loaded with multiple useful features and modes. LG has introduced various breakthrough technologies and features in its products like OLED display etc.

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Power Consumption

Power consumption is a serious concern of every large electronic appliances, it helps to attracts customers so every electronic brands pays special attention to it. LG ACs are known for their energy efficient air conditioners.

But in this case, Hitachi ACs are not a bad option at all, they have also energy efficient air conditioners as LG. So, in terms of energy consumption you can choose any one of them above two  LG vs Hitachi ACs as per your needs.

Both of these two are best option from power consumption aspects.

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Air-Purification Filters

There are multiple types of air filters are available in these two ACs like, you will find multi stage filtration technology in LG ACs that filter the unwanted dust particles from the room air through its multiple layers.

On the other hand you will get multiple air filters on Hitachi ACs like nano titanium filter, koukin filter etc. So, LG vs Hitachi AC both are the best in terms of air filters.


The price depends on various factors, this is not possible to answer it directly, it depends on various factors such as star ratings, features, type, model etc. But we can say that these above two ac brands provide value for money ACs to their customers.

Customer Supports or after sale services

This is another point that has not any straight forward answer it totally depends on where you live. If you live in a big city then you will have on problem with the services and service centres but if you in a relatively small towns then it depends on that place where you live.

But overall, both of these two AC brands provides many customer services including customer supports, Troubleshooting etc. They becomes one of the best AC brand by creating a user friendly eco system.

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Which split AC is better Hitachi or LG AC?

While comparing the LG vs Hitachi AC we found that there are many similarities between them such as power consumption, customer services etc. But keeping in mind the customer base, their after sale services and innovation I think buying a LG AC can be good option.

Otherwise, you can definitely go with Hitachi ACs if you want those particular features what they offered.

FAQs. LG vs Hitachi AC Differences 2023

1. Is Hitachi better than LG?

In some aspects Hitachi AC is better than LG and LG is also much ahead in few conditions.

2. Which split AC is better Hitachi or LG?

In my personal opinion LG split ACs are better than competition.

3. Are Hitachi ACs energy efficient?

Yes, Hitachi ACs are energy efficient.

4. Is Hitachi AC worth buying?

Yes, Hitachi provides value for money products.

5. Does LG offers smart controls in their ACs?

Yes of course, they are specially known for their innovations


This was the detail comparison between LG vs Hitachi AC, in this above article we have tried to compare as many different aspects as possible and mentioned our own opinion about this above discussion.

Hope after reading this article you have no more doubts about the above topic “LG vs Hitachi AC” if this helpful to you then please comment me below or if you have any quarries regarding to this above topic then please ask me. I will definitely try to answer all of your quarries as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading this article till last.

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