Apple iPhone 15 Specifications | Price in India | Features & More 2023

Well Apple has already released their brand new Apple iPhone 15 series on the market all over the world, breaking away from the tradition of its number series, apple has made several major and minor changes to the brand new Apple iPhone 15 series.

But are these changes really useful for a common user? And What changes will iPhone 15 have? We will answer all such questions in your mind in our today’s article.

Today we will discuss the entire iPhone 15 series and its changes, new features and overall specifications. So, without wasting your time anymore let’s start the article.

Apple iPhone 15 Features

Display6.10 Inches XDR Retina 60 Hz refresh rate 2000 nits of peak brightness
ProcessorApple A16 Bionic Chipset
Camera48 MP+ 12 MP Dual cam setup 12 MP front
BatterymAh (Not disclosed yet)
Charger45 watts fast charging support Wireless charging support
Design and Build Glass Back
Operating systemiOS 17
ColoursBlack, Blues, Green, Pink, Yellow
Weight171 Grams


The tech giant of smartphone industry Apple has announce their iPhone 15 recently and its pre-order have started from September 15th 2023. You can easily place your pre-order for apple iPhone 15 series on their official website and from various e-commerce websites such as Amazon.

The Apple iPhone 15 will going on sell on 22nd September 2023.

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Apple disclose their brand new apple iPhone 15 pricing on their launch event, the base model of Apple iPhone 15 (128 GB) starting at INR 79990 whereas the iPhone 15 pro is priced at INR 1,34000 and the iPhone 15 max pro is cost nearly INR 1.6 lakh in India.

This was the overall pricing of the brand new Apple iPhone 15, but the actual price depends on particular model (storage).


iPhone 15 colors
Pic Credit: Apple

All new Apple iPhone 15 comes with five different color combinations such as pink, green, black, blue and yellow. But like most of the time apple have changed a lot in their color textures which looks different from the previous one.

For example, If we look at iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 in blue and black color, we can definitely see a major differences between these two colors.


Apple released their iPhone 15 in only two display sizes 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, you can see the mini version is not available for this new iPhone 15. They uses a ceramic screen guard to protect your screen.

If we talk about the other things of the display then it should be the iPhone 15 has an great quality XDR retina display with 60 Hz of refresh rates and 2000 nits of peak brightness which is very essential to use this on direct sunlight.

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In terms of performance apple iPhone 15 is the beast, it is powered by an A16 bionic chip, they specially optimize this processor for gaming or we can say that for next level gaming.

With the shameless performance it also delivers long battery backup, because the processor is also optimized for energy efficiency.


One of the biggest changes on the iPhone 15 lies on its camera, there is a 48 MP main camera sensor that can capture sharp images. They introduce an amazing feature on apple iPhone 15 which is its depth control (auto portrait). This feature allows you to convert a normal photo to portrait after clicking it.

So, overall the brand new Apple iPhone 15 can deliver great quality sharp photos with the help of its latest features and camera sensors.

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Among the most notable changes of brand new apple iPhone 15, USB Type-C port is most popular. They introduced USB Type-C port on their new apple iPhone 15.

Earlier iPhones used lightning ports but now the move on to USB Type-C (thunderbolt) port, So definitely the charging speed has increased as well as this makes this iPhone 15 more friendly to use, especially while travelling without charger.

iPhone 15 other changes

Apart from the above mentioned changes there are many other changes in the new iPhone 15 some of them are, they recently introduced titanium frame on its brand new apple iPhone 15, if you don’t know then let me tell you Titanium is one of the strongest metal in the world.

The new iPhone 15 is also lightweight from the previous one. You will get the dynamic island on the base model of iPhone 15, along with this they include noise cancelation feature so now you can remove the unwanted voices from your background in your one touch.

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iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15 Comparison

TopiciPhone 15iPhone 14
Display6.1 inches OLED 2000 nits peak brightness 120 Hz refresh rate6.1 inches OLED 1200 nits peak brightness 60 Hz refresh rate
ProcessorApple bionic chip A16 4 nmApple Bionic Chip A15 5 nm
Camera48 MP+ 12MP 12MP front12 MP + 12 MP+12MP 12 MP front
BatteryNot disclosed3279 mAh Lithium Ion
Charger SupportsUSB TYPE-C Thunderbolt 20 watts wired 15 watts wireless Lightning 20 watts wired 15 watts wireless (Mag safe)
Design and Build Titanium framePoly carbonate  
Operating systemiOS 17iOS 16
Water resistanceIP 68IP 68

FAQs: Apple iPhone 15 Specifications | Price in India | Features & More

1. How much will iPhone 15 cost in India?

The brand new iPhone 15 started from INR 79000 in India

2. Is the iPhone 15 in stores?

No not yet but it will be available within 22nd September

3. How big is iPhone 15 Pro?

The iPhone 15 pro comes with 6.7 inches display

4. Is the iPhone 15 good?

Yes, definitely there are so many enhancement

5. Did the iPhone 15 sell out?

Yes the iPhone 15 pro max model is sell out during pre-order


So, these are the changes and features of the brand new apple iPhone 15, here on the above article we will discuss the every changes occurs on the iPhone 15 and at the end we roughly compared the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15, now you can easily decide which one is better for you.

Hope this article helpful to you, hopefully you don’t have to search any other website or anywhere else to get any kind of information on that topic.

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