5 Best Mirrorless Camera Under 60000 In India 2024

If you are a videographer, vlogger or have a similar profession where the camera has to be carried for a long period of time, then my friend you need a mirrorless camera to enhance your productivity.

Now, if you are searching for the best mirrorless camera under 60000 rupees price range then don’t worry, we brought the list of best mirrorless camera under 60000 price bracket for you in our today’s article.

In our today’s article we will going to discuss some of the best mirrorless cameras under 60k from the prospers camera brands such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic etc.

So, without any delay let’s get started.

Why should you buy a mirrorless camera?

There are so many reasons behind buying a mirrorless camera such as:

Moving object capture ability: If you want a camera particularly for videography, a mirrorless camera can be a better option for you as compare to the other camera types because it can focus quickly as well as accurately that allows you to capture a moving subject.

Fast Action: It can capture so many pictures within a shorter period of time.

EVF: Most of the mirrorless cameras is equipped with a Electronic View Finder in short EVF which helps a photographer to get an idea about the photo beforehand.

Light weight design: As we told you before that a mirrorless camera is lighter in weight and smaller in size as compare to a DSLR camera so if you are a vlogger or you are in a similar profession like this where you have to carry the camera on your hand for a long period of time then you can feel the importance of a lightweight camera.

So, from the above reason I hope you understand why you should buy a mirrorless camera. Now let’s have a look on our today’s list of Best Mirrorless camera under 60000.

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Best Mirrorless camera under 60000 list

1. Panasonic DMC-G85H Lumix G Vario Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic DMC-G85H Lumix G Vario Mirrorless camera
Pic Credit: Amazon

The first mirrorless camera on our list of best mirrorless camera under 60000 is Panasonic DMC-G85H Lumix G Vario, if you are a beginner in this field then this camera is very helpful to you just because of its amazing features.

It has 5 Axis Dual Arry image stabilization which provides more stability on your projects. This camera can capture 4K videos at 10 bit and 180 FPS slow motion recording these features makes this camera a valuable package for content creators.

It has equipped with a 7 cm large LCD screen where you can monitor your raw projects before finalize. You will get a superfast continuous shooting speed of 30 FPS which means you can capture the moving objects very clearly through this camera.

This Panasonic camera can click up to 300 shots on single charge which is quite good.

Overall, this is a best for you if you are a beginner or a content creator who need to capture moving objects.

Panasonic DMC-G85H Lumix G Vario Specifications

Panasonic DMC-G85H Lumix G VarioSpecifications
Lens14 mm to 140 mm
Continuous Shooting Speed30 FPS
Video capture2160p
LCD Screen7 Cm
Battery Life300 shots
Weight1.2 Kg
Pros and Cons


  • The Continuous shooting speed is awesome
  • Sharp image quality
  • 5 Axis dual Arry Image stabilizations


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Battery life could be better
  • We have lighter one on this list

2. Sony Alpha ILCE 6100L Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha ILCE 6100L mirrorless camera
Pic Credit: Amazon

Our second camera is Sony Alpha ILCE 6100L which is widely used by so many professionals photographers. But the best thing is if you are a beginner in the photography this camera will helps you to capture professional photos by using its smart features.

 This mirrorless camera comes with 24.2 MP EXMOR CMOS sensor that delivers sharp image quality. You can enjoy 11 FPS continuous shooting speed on it which is enough to capture the moving objects but if you find the continuous shooting speed is low then let me tell you it has so many features with it to improvise your experience for example it has real time eye AF for animals also and real time tracking.

The real time eye AF feature helps you a lot while focusing object automatically and the real time tracking will help you to keep the subject on focus while moving. So, if you are a wildlife photographer it will help you to increase you overall productivity.

You can easily capture 4K videos on it for a decent time period. This mirrorless camera provides 350 shots on single charge.

It has 3 inches tiltable LCD screen to monitor your real time recordings while vlogging. The overall camera weight is just 396 grams so you can carry it for a long time.

At the end we have to say that if you are a videographer or a more particularly a vlogger then this Sonly Alpha ILCE 6100L mirrorless camera is best option for you.

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Sony Alpha ILCE 6100L Specifications

Sony Alpha ILCE 6100LSpecifications30
ModelILCE 6100L/ B IN5
Lens16-50 mm
Continuous Shooting Speed11 FPS
Video capture4K QFHD
LCD Screen3 inches
Battery Life350 shots
Weight396 grams
Pros and Cons


  • Good battery life
  • Tiltable LCD Screen
  • Real time eye AF
  • Light weight


  • You need an external mic to record audio
  • IBIS not provided

3. Panasonic Lumix G85 Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic Lumix G85 4K Digital Camera mirrorless camera
Pic Credit: Amazon

The perfect example of an best mirrorless camera under 60000 price range is Panasonic Lumix G85 mirrorless camera.

This camera comes with a 16 MP mirrorless camera sensor which can able to record 4k UHD video at 30 frames per second very smoothly. It has OIS lens which means you will get a stable and shake free output from it.

It has an 3 inches large LCD touch screen display to monitor the real time footage and the ultimate outputs also. The continuous shooting speed is 10 FPS to capture moving objects with fast and accurate DFD autofocus technology.  

The weight of this Panasonic Lumix G85 mirror less camera is just 503 grams which is quite decent. But still we have few lightweight cameras than it on this list, so if you need a extremely lightweight camera then you can definitely move on to the other one.

So, overall this is an great camera if you are searching for a best mirrorless camera under 60000.

Panasonic Lumix G85 Specifications

Panasonic Lumix G85Specifications
Lens12-60 mm
Continuous Shooting Speed10 FPS
Video capture4K
LCD Screen3 inches
Battery Life320 shots
Weight503 grams
Pros and Cons


  • DFD auto focus
  • Weather protected
  • Large viewfinder


  • Headphone jack is not available
  • Weight is decent  

4. Sony Alpha ZV-E10L Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha ZV-E10L mirrorless camera
Pic Credit: Amazon

If are you searching for a best mirrorless camera under 60000, then undoubtably the first recommendation should be Sony Alpha ZV-E10L. But why let’s find out.

Sony Alpha ZV-E10L is an 24.2 MP interchangeable lens mirrorless camera. This is famous and widely used for Vlogging nowadays.

It is equipped with a APS C Sensor that delivers a great quality content in almost every platform, this is specially designed for content creators. There is an 3 inches touch screen flip able display where you can monitor your photos and videos while recording or after finishing.

The continuous shooting speed is 10 FPS but it has real time eye auto focus technology.

You can record 4K videos at 30 FPS easily, the battery backup of this Sony Alpha ZV-E10L is also good it can capture 340 shots in a single charge.

So, Sony Alpha ZV-E10L is an perfectly suitable for every users but it is the best one for the vlogger and content creators due to its light weight body design and fast reliable auto focus.

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Sony Alpha ZV-E10L Specifications

Sony Alpha ZV-E10LSpecifications
Lens16-50 mm
Continuous Shooting Speed10 FPS
Video capture4K 30 FPS
LCD Screen3.0 inches
Battery Life340 shots
Weight396 grams
Pros and Cons


  • Light weight
  • Reliable Auto focus
  • Rotatable display
  • Good battery life


  • IBIS not available

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FAQs. Best Mirrorless Camera Under 60000

1. Which camera is best for photography under 60k?

Best Camera for photography under 60k list
Sony Alpha ZV-E10L
Panasonic Lumix G85
Sony Alpha ILCE 6100L
Panasonic DMC-G85H Lumix G Vario

2. Which company makes best mirrorless camera?

There are so many company who makes mirrorless cameras but Sony is one of the most profitable

3. Which mirrorless to choose?

Always choose a mirrorless camera as per your requirements and budget

4. What camera do most photographers use?

Most of the Photographers use DSLRs

5. Which camera has the highest picture quality?

You will get a highest picture quality in almost all of these above cameras


So, these are few best mirrorless camera under 60000 price range which you should checkout. All of these cameras are widely used by professionals and creators. We have mentioned the pros and cons at the end of each and every camera and gives you a proper conclusion at the end of the every products.

Hope this article helps you to find the best mirrorless camera under 60000 price range, you don’t have to search any other website or anywhere else to get any kind of information.

If its help you then please send us feedback in the below comment section related to this topic, I will definitely try to answer all of your questions and helps you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this article till the end with your great concentration. It is a great pleasure for me and our blog. Thanks for reading.

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