Boult vs Boat: Which is better option?

When the comparison is between the two Indian brands, the results are worth seeing. Today we will see something like that in this article.

We are going to compare two popular Indian brands, Boult and Boat. Undoubtably these two brands have revolutionized the Indian Electric brand, especially the headphone market.

They have delivered the best quality headphones at a very minimal cost to all consumers, that’s the main reason that these two brands consistently increase the number of sales.

So, if you are also interested to know which is better, Boult vs Boat? Then here is your answer.

Boult Audio

Boult Audio is an Indian brand that produce different types of tech accessories like smartwatches, and many other audio accessories. They are the third largest brand that grabs 7% of market share in the TWS category in India.

This Indian brand is founded by Varun Gupta in 2017, in the recent years they have done a really great job which is clearly visible on their sales numbers.

Boat Audio

If you don’t know the name of the Boat then it’s really surprising, because BoAt is an popular Indian brand that delivers affordable electronic accessories.

Boat has a strong presence of 41.7% in Indian TWS market which makes this brand a true of Indian TWS Market. They produce various electronic accessories like headphones, smartwatches, smart bands, soundbars etc.

Popular business icon Mr. Aman Gupta is the cofounder and CMO of Boat lifestyle, This brand was started in 2016, since then they have been attracting the young generation with their product quality and attractive prices.

Boult vs Boat: Detailed Comparison

We will take some relatable questions to make this conduct this comparison.

Boat or Boult which is better for smartwatches?

Boult vs Boat Smartwatches

Both of these two brands delivers affordable smartwatches, but in terms of price boat is slightly cheaper than boult smartwatches.

If we judge them as per the features then both brands are strong competitor of each other, these two brands provides almost every single features on their smartwatches.

We picked their lowest smartwatches to give you a clear judgment.

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Boult vs Boat Smartwatches Comparison
FeaturesBoat Wave StyleBoult Craft
Display1.69 inches HD1.83 inches FHD
Brightness550 nits500 nits
Watch Faces600 plus150 plus
Weight45 Grams36.5 Grams

Boat or Boult which is better for neckbands?

Boult vs Boat Neckbands

Nowadays the demand of neckbands are increases consistently and the neckbands are one of the key product of these two brands. Boat and boult both brands produce great quality neckbands within a minimal price bracket.

Boat is one of the best selling neckbands brand in India, equally we cannot ignore the market presence of boult neckband.

As per our personal experience, if you need a neckband with good bass then I will recommend you to go for a boat neckband but on the other hand Boult audio neckbands are great in terms of balanced audio experience.

So, in terms of neckbands both of these two brands are almost similar two each other, you just have to pick the right one wisely.

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Boult vs Boat airdopes: which is better?

Boult vs Boat Earbuds Comparison

When we are talking about TWS in affordable price bracket then both of these two brands are really great in this segment.

I have two budget friendly earbuds from these two brands, in my personal experience I can say that the boat earbuds are the best for entertainment purpose but they have to increase their calling experience.

On the other side, boult audio TWS is a balanced earbud that gives you decent sound experience in both terms.

Boat vs Boult Sound Quality

As I said before that both of these two brands has two different sound experience.

If you need bass and crispy sound then boat is the perfect brand for you, but is you need a balanced soft compress sound then you can check out Boult audio.

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After Sale Services

We cannot say that this particular brand has the best after sale services because it depends on certain conditions.

But I can say that Boat after sale service is truly amazing, in my personal opinion their after sale service is one of the best after sale service I have ever experienced.

According to a group of customers boult audio’s customer services is also great. But remember no brand is perfect, all of them has few advantages and disadvantages.

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FAQs. Boult vs Boat

1. Is boult a good brand for earphones?

Yes, obviously boult is the 5th largest brands and 3 rd largest Indian brand in Indian TWS Market

2. Is Boat a good brand for earbuds?

Yes, Boat has the largest market presence in Indian TWS market

3. Is Boult better than boAt?

The answer depends on certain conditions and specific product


In the conclusion we can say that each brands has its specific characteristic. These above two brands are good enough in their own places, we just have to pick one of them wisely as per our needs.

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