How To Delete Flipkart Order History Permanently? In 5 Easy Steps 2024

Hey techies, hope you doing well, today in this article we are going to tell you how to delete Flipkart order history permanently?

We buy almost everything from electronic gadgets to groceries from Flipkart which are saved on our Flipkart order history, sometimes we want to delete our order history from Flipkart due to many reasons.

In such situation, know how you can delete your Flipkart order history.

How to delete Flipkart order history?

At first let me tell you that Flipkart does not provide any facility to its users to delete their order history from the platform directly. But don’t worry, although Flipkart did not provide any option to delete user’s order history but there are certain methods to delete it.

5 Easy Steps to delete Flipkart order history

Step 1:

At the very first step you have to open your Flipkart app on your phone to continue the procedure.

Step 2:

Click on the account option on the bottom section as shown on the picture below.

Flipkart Order History delete step 2
Step 3:

Now your Flipkart app’s interface will be look like this (check below image) now you have to click on the help Center.

Flipkart Order History delete step 3
Step 4:

Click on the chat icon that appears on the bottom right corner on your mobile screen.

Flipkart Order History delete step 4
Step 5:
Flipkart Order History delete step 5

Now you are almost done, here you just have to type a command like this “I want to delete my order history” if they agrees to delete your order history from the platform then your work is done.

Otherwise, type another command “Connect me to your customer support executive” then describe your problem to them and done. They will guide you further.

FAQs. How to delete order history from Flipkart

1. How can I check my order history from Flipkart?

You can check your order history from Flipkart as follows, enter on the Flipkart app>go to accounts>now click on the orders> done

2. Can we delete order history form Flipkart?

Yes, you can but there are not any direct options to delete your order history from the Flipkart.

3. How to delete Flipkart search history?

To delete your search history on Flipkart just go on the Flipkart app> click on account section> now go on the privacy settings> now clear the search history.

4. Can I delete Flipkart account permanently?

You cannot delete your Flipkart account permanently, but you can de activate this


As we know that Flipkart doesn’t provide any option to their users to delete their order history, so you have to take an alternative way to do that. We have mentioned above an effective way with which you can delete your order history from Flipkart.

Hope this article helpful to you, hopefully you don’t have to search any other website or anywhere else to get any kind of information on that topic.

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