Flipkart VIP Membership: Benefits and How to get VIP on Flipkart? 2024

Finally, Flipkart has launched its Flipkart VIP Membership by enrolling which you will get many benefits and rewards which normal Flipkart user’s don’t have. These special benefits and rewards will definitely help you to multiply your Flipkart shopping experience.

But what is Flipkart VIP membership? And how to enrol it? Don’t worry you will get answers to all the questions related to Flipkart VIP Membership in our today’s article. So, without wasting your valuable time anymore let’s review the all new Flipkart VIP Membership and its features and benefits.

Flipkart VIP Membership Review 2024

If we put it very simply then we can say that Flipkart VIP Membership is a premium membership feature of Flipkart just like the Amazon Prime membership. This Flipkart VIP membership offers various type of benefits and rewards which a normal user cannot access.

We discuss these benefits below.

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Flipkart VIP Membership Price

You can easily enrol this newly launch Flipkart VIP Membership for just rupees Rs. 499. So, you can enjoy all the special benefits and rewards in this low price range currently.

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Flipkart VIP Membership Benefits and Rewards

Flipkart VIP membership

Hope you understand what Flipkart VIP Membership is, so far you know the Flipkart VIP Membership in simple language but now its time to know the Flipkart VIP Membership’s benefits and rewards in details.

If you purchase this Flipkart VIP Membership for Rs. 499 then you will get various rewards many other benefits along with it such as welcome gift box, 1-day delivery, 5% extra discount using super coin and many more.

Let’s discuss them in details.

Welcome Gift Box worth Rs. 499

If you purchase this Flipkart VIP Membership now then you will get a physical gift box which is worth Rs. 499 on your delivery address.

5% extra discount using super coin

Here you will get 5% extra discount by using Flipkart Super Coins which means is you are a Flipkart VIP Memberthen you can purchase a product in its lowest price ever.

Free 1-Day Delivery

A Flipkart VIP Memberwho lives in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bengaluru and some selected pin codes will get same day or next day delivery on various products.

Cancel or reschedule your Flights Just Rs. 1 and Hotel booking

You can cancel or reschedule your flights by paying just Rs.1 from cleartrip along with that you will also get 3% discount on hotels booking on it.

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Instant Access to dedicated customer support

After became a Flipkart VIP Member, if you face any problem on Flipkart then you will get instant access of their dedicated support, they will prioritize your problem first.

Early Access

A Flipkart VIP Membergets early access to all types of sales on the Flipkart platform, as a result you will never miss any best deals on Flipkart.

Earn 5% Super coin

You can earn 5% extra super coins up to 300 on various orders.

Fast Returns

A Flipkart VIP Member will get fast return pickup within 48 hours.

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Difference Between Flipkart VIP Membership vs Flipkart Plus Premium vs Flipkart Plus

Benefits TopicsFlipkart VIP MembershipFlipkart Plus PremiumFlipkart Plus
Super CoinsEarn extra 5% up to 100 on every orderEarn extra 4% up to 100 on every orderEarn extra 2% up to 50 on every order
Savings5% extra discount by using Super CoinsSpecial Incentives using super coins across 5mn+ productsSpecial Incentives using super coins across 5mn+ products
Delivery and ReturnsFree Same day or next day in selected areas for selected products Fast return pickups within 48 hoursNot AvailableNot Available
Customer SupportsNo waiting time, dedicated help agentNot AvailableNot Available
Early AccessYes availableYes availableYes available
CostsRs.499For Completing 4 Orders within 1 YearFor Completing 8 orders within 1 Year
OthersCancel or reschedule your Flights Just Rs. 1 and Hotel booking discounts up to 3% on CleartripExclusive to VIPExclusive to VIP

These are the differences between Flipkart VIP Membership vs Flipkart Plus vs Flipkart Plus Premium

How to Join Flipkart VIP Membership?

So, far you know what is Flipkart VIP Membership and how much it cost and what are the benefits and features. Now, let’s check out how we can join Flipkart VIP Membership.

Flipkart VIP Membership Link: Flipkart VIP Membership

Flipkart VIP Membership Registration Online

To enrol Flipkart VIP Membership, you need to login on it by using their official site or application.

Flipkart VIP Membership login

Step 1: Go to Flipkart Application or their official website

Step 2: Search the banner of Flipkart VIP Membership their

Step 3: Click their and enrol it by paying Rs.499

Flipkart VIP Membership Not Showing

So, many users are facing this problem that Flipkart VIP Membership is not showing on their devices, the main cause of this problem is this feature is currently not Visible to all users, this is available only for few users in selected pin codes in India.

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FAQs. Flipkart VIP Membership Review

1. How to get VIP on Flipkart?

You can get VIP membership on Flipkart by using their app or official website, but currently this feature is available for some selected pin codes.

2. What is the cost of Flipkart VIP Membership?

The Cost of Flipkart VIP Membershipis just Rs. 499 currently

3. What are the benefits of Flipkart VIP Membership?

There are so many benefits of Flipkart VIP Membership such as early sale access, extra 5% discount by using super coins, Gift box, fast returns pickups and many more.

4. Who are eligible for this Flipkart VIP Membership?

At present there are few accounts on selected pin codes are available for this Flipkart VIP Membership.

5. How to join Flipkart VIP Membership?

To join the Flipkart VIP Membership you need to follow three steps.
Step1: Go to Flipkart
Step2: Search for Flipkart VIP membership
Step3: Click join button and pay Rs.499


At the conclusion we can say that this brand new Flipkart VIP Membership is really a valuable and worthful feature by Flipkart which gives a lot of benefits such as early access, and many other. These benefits and reward are very useful and profitable for a user.

So, at the end we can say that this Flipkart VIP Membership is undoubtably a great deal for a normal user. You can easily access this Flipkart VIP Membership by following the above mentioned steps obviously this is possible if your live in a area which is under the selected zone.

Hope this article helpful to you, hopefully you don’t have to search any other website or anywhere else to get any kind of information on that topic.

If its help you then please send us feedback in the below comment section related to this topic, I will definitely try to answer all of your questions and helps you as soon as possible and don’t forget to share this information with your friends.

Thank you for reading this article till the end with your great concentration. It is a great pleasure for me and our blog. Thanks for reading.

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