How to Use Google Bard | Google Bard AI Login | Google bard vs Chatgpt

I think ever since chat GPT came into the market people have become aware of a new term which is AI. It’s not like people don’t know about AI before, but since the advent of Chat GPT the term AI has boom.

Chat GPT has ruled this market alone for past few months but now google has launched Chat GPT’s Competitor Google bard AI. In our today’s article we will know about that Google bard AI.

After doing a ton of research on it we try to answer all of your quarries regarding google bard AI for you such as what is google bard AI? Google bard ai login, Google bard ai website, Google bard ai sign up, Google bard vs Chatgpt, How to use Google bard? Etc.

So, let’s start the discussion.

What is Google Bard AI?

Google bard is a chat bot created by google that is able to answer your questions from its pre trained data. It is able to provide human like answer based on your given input or command.

When you enter your quarries on its chat box, it recognizes your question and answer it within few seconds. This whole things looks like man to man conversation.

If you’re wondering what’s new in it, google has been doing this for years. But the answer is “No” let me explain to you, when you search something in google search engine google process it and shows you various blogs related to it, from where you get your answer.

But google bard AI won’t be like that, you will get an exact answer every time when you ask a question you just have to ask your question once in it.

That’s the basic difference between google search engine and google bard AI.

How to use Google bard?

The process of using google bard is not very complicated, you just need to go to the official website of google bard (the website is mentioned below) or you can also search google bard on your used search engine.

Then click on the first website that appears there and enter your quarries or prompt properly and then the work is done, now you can able to access the google bard ai.

Google bard website /

Steps to Google bard AI login

If you are unable to login with googles new AI chat bot google bard then this article will help you with a step by step login guide. Let me tell you how to login on google bard.

  1. At first visit the official website of google bard AI.
  2. Click on the login option.
  3. Enter your details required such as mail id etc or you can also do this with google.
  4.  Then you have to click on the continue option which is mentioned below.
  5. Now click login.

Now, you get the access of googles new chat bot google bard AI. The login process of google bard ai is very similar to chatgpt.

Google bard vs Chat GPT

We differentiate Google bard vs chat GPT below on a table format.

Google bard AIChat GPT
It’s an under development projectFinal version has been launched
Less creative answersIt is more creative than google bard
Google bard has free version only (now )Chat GPT has free and paid both versions
Google bard is more updatedIt has few data limitations

This was a detailed comparison between chat GPT vs google bard. They are similar in many ways but still there are some differences between them.

FAQs: Google Bard AI

1. Is google bard available?

Yes, you can use google bard by visiting their official website

2. How can I access google bard?

A person can access google bard by searching google bard on google, the entire login process is mentioned above article

3. Google bard ai login?

If you want to login on google bard then you have to follow few steps such as visit official website then login yourself

4. What is google bard?

Google bard is an AI chatbot which is made by google

5. Google bard vs ChatGPT which is better?

Both are almost same in many cases but still there are few differences between them


So, if you read the conclusion now then I assume that you have already read the above discussion entirely. If yes then now you have an clear idea about Google Bard AI, we answered all the most asked questions about google bard AI such as How to use google bard etc.

Hope this article will help you to understand that how to use google bard ai, if this article is helpful to you then please send us a feedback on our below comment box or if you have any quarries regarding to this above topic then you can ask me below, I will definitely try to answer your all quarries as soon as possible.

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