How to Use ChatGPT | ChatGPT login| ChatGPT 2023

Are you one of those who still don’t about chatGPT? “What is ChatGPT?, how to use chatGPT?” “ChatGPT login” are these question is in your mind? Let me resolve it.

The world is getting better and better, a few days ago which was a science fiction that has becomes science now. One of such example is ChatGTP. One ultimate chat bot that has the answers to almost all of our questions.

ChatGPT can do anything from coding to article writing, but what is chatGPT? If you are new on chatGPT then this Ultimate chatGPT guide is for you. Let me explain it for you.

What is ChatGPT?

Generative Pre-trained Transformer in short ChatGPT, ChatGPT is an chatbot develop by Open AI. This will able to give you human like text responses based on your given input. When you input a command on ChatGPT, then it carries out the conversation with you based on your input commands from its pre trained or pre loaded data.

That means it understand your response and reply you in a way that sounds like human. It has a lot of information which has been trained from the internet so that’s why it has answers all of your questions.

Chat GPT Open AI

NameChat GPT
Chat GPT full formGenerative Pre-trained Transformer
DeveloperOpen AI lab
Release dateInitial 11th June 2018 Current one 4th June 2020
Current VersionChatGPT 3.5
Subscription plansFree & Premium both are available

I agree that its an advance feature but still it has few drawbacks like it doesn’t understand things like humans we will discuss them in detail later it just an computer programme only.

How to use ChatGPT?

We have already read what is ChatGPT but let’s know how we can use it in our work or simply how to use chatGPT? So now let’s know the answer to that question.

To use this function you need to visit their official website and then you have to input your command or question properly on its “message box” and send it like how you chat. After that it will generate a descriptive answer based on your input command by its existing data.

If you wan to know about the login process then we have mentioned the complete chatGPT login process below for your convenience.

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ChatGPT Login

Chat GPT Login

As is said earlier to use chat GPT, you need to login on a website before using it. So, let’s discuss the process of Chat GPT login step by step.

  1. At first to have to search a website on your browser called
  2. Then login yourself by clicking signup option and fulfil the required information below.
  3. Then click on the login option.
  4. After that you have to write your valid email address and phone number or you can login yourself through Facebook or google.
  5. If you have already completed the previous step then an OTP will be sent on your given mobile number
  6. Now submit the OTP and “done” now you can ask your question to its “message” section
  7. Simply just type your quarries and get the answer.

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FAQs : How to use ChatGPT | ChatGPT Login process

1. Do you have to login to use ChatGPT?

Yes, Obviously you have to login to use ChatGPT the process is mentioned above

2. How to use ChatGPT in India?

To use chatGPT in India you have to login their official Website

3. Can we use chatGPT for free?

Yes, you can use chatGPT for free of cost, even i am using its free version right now


So, this was our today’s discussion about ChatGPT hope you got an idea about chatGPT. Hopefully after reading this above article you will not need to read anywhere else about this topic How to use ChatGPT | ChatGPT Login process.

Hope this article is helpful to you if yes then please comment me below or if you have any quarries related to this topic then please ask me below on the comment box, I will definitely try to answer your all quarries regarding to this topic

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