Laptop Buying Guide 2023

Hey, are you searching for how to choose the right laptop on the web right now? Do you then you already then you have reached your destination.

In this article we answer how to choose the right laptop and accompany it with a detailed laptop buying guide. So now if you are planning to buy an laptop then this article will definitely you to choose the best laptop as per your requirements.

Here on this article we are going to share you some important things that you should considered before going to buy a laptop for you.

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Laptops Categories and Examples

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Laptop Buying Guide


Before going to buy an laptop you should decide first that why you need a laptop, what kind of work do you want to do with that laptop.

Suppose if you want to buy a laptop for playing games or doing any heavy task like that then you need to buy a laptop with heavy performance among which having a good RAM, large storage, a good display with a fast refresh rate and a good GPU.
But if you are an normal office employee and looking for a laptop for you official works then you don’t need to purchase a laptop with heavy performance. Then you need a lightweight laptop with long lasting battery.

So, before going to buy a laptop decide your purpose first.


After determine the purpose, the next step is to determine your budget. You can never buy a suitable laptop without fixing the budget beforehand. Because the budget will decide your laptop capabilities.

Suppose if you want to buy a laptop under 35000 then with this budget laptop you will never be able to do heavy work like gaming and editing. You must take your budget above 50,000 to do this kind of heavy tasks.

So, always decide your budget first before going to buy a laptop.   


There are many types of laptop displays such as LCD, LED, IPS, OLED, TN, Retina etc. You will find different types of displays in different budget segments. You will find LCD display in starting range laptops, display quality is also increase along with the budget.

In addition, your purpose also helps you to determine the display quality, like if you looking for a laptop for video editing then you need a good quality display with great and exact colour accuracy or if you want to gaming on it then you need a display with faster refresh rate.


Processor is a very important part of an laptop, it is the brain of the laptop. So, a good processor is mandatory for doing all type of works. It is true that a good processor is needed for heavy work but I would suggest you to choose a laptop with powerful processor no matter what you do on it.


Hope you all know more or less about this, The various software used today are consistently improving day by day along with it, it size is also increasing. So to run such software you need a good processor as well as a bit more RAM to get some headspace to run.

According to me 8 GB RAM is very necessary in all types of laptops nowadays and it must be upgradable so that it can be extended later as per requirements.

Graphics Card

The work of a graphics card or GPU is to render the display, any type of work like image optimization, Video or animation related is done by GPU or Graphics Card. GPU assembles the pixels into the final image or video and delivers a output.

Graphics card plays an important role in gaming and video editing, so if you buying a laptop for this kind of work then definitely check the GPU specification before buying a laptop.

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Storage Capacity

There are two types of storage capacity is available SSD and HDD, read and write speed of an SSD storage is much higher than HDD that’s why SSD is widely used in most cases.

I would like to suggest you to use SSD plus HDD storage combination to get the bigger storage capacity along with fast read and write speed.


Laptops are the portable versions of computers, you can use it where you want what is not possible for computers you have to use the computer from a certain place. Because of this portability it requires a battery to supply the power.

So, before going to buy a laptop be sure to know about the battery backup so that you don’t have to charge it repeatedly. But for gaming laptops, its better to keep them plugged in while using to get the most performance from them.

FAQs : Laptop Buying Guide 2023

1. What should I consider when buying a laptop?

All important things are mentioned above which should I consider when buying a laptop

2. How to choose laptop in 2023?

If you want to buy a laptop in 2023 then you have to consider few key points before going to buy its those are budget, RAM, CPU, GPU, Storage, Warranty, and more

3. How do I choose a future proof laptop?

If you want to choose a future proof laptop then you must have to choose a laptop with higher capabilities than you need, and Upgradable RAM is necessary.


Apart from these, there are few minor things like keyboard operating system that should be check out before going to buy a laptop for you. This was our laptop buying guide for today.

Hope this article is helpful to you if yes then please share your thoughts with us, or if you have any quarries regarding to this topic “laptop buying guide 2023” then please ask me below comment box, I will definitely try to answer your question ASAP.

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