Refrigerator Buying Guide 2024 : How do I decide which refrigerator to buy ?

Are you thinking of buying a new refrigerator? But the problem is you don’t know how to choose the right refrigerator so don’t worry we will discuss the things that are very important to look for before buying a refrigerator.

This is going to be an ultimate refrigerator buying guide that will help you to choose the right refrigerator as per your requirements. In this article you will know about most of the important things that should be considered before buying an refrigerator.

I hope, after reading this article you don’t to search anymore about how to choose the right refrigerator?

How do I decide which refrigerator to buy?

I will not go into the question of what refrigerator is and how its works etc. coming straight on our main topic “how to choose the right refrigerator?” we will discuss the things to consider before buying a refrigerator in India. So, let’s start without any delay.


Not only in case of refrigerators, but before buying anything you need to decide your budget first. Because the capabilities of your item (refrigerator in this case) will depend on your budget. If the budget increases, the quality of your item will also increase. But it should be kept in your mind that buying something at higher price doesn’t mean it’s better. So, before going to buy a refrigerator always set a budget and look for a refrigerator that perfectly fits on your budget range.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is the most important factor that must be considered before buying an refrigerator. If any electric appliance consumes too much power then it wastes excess electricity and increases the electricity bill. So, it doesn’t said it separately that extra electricity consumption puts pressure on your pocket and increase your monthly spends. To know the power consumption of an electric appliances you need to look at its BEE star ratings. Which is written on the front of every electrical appliances. If I am talking about the refrigerator especially, then on the far right side on every fridge there is level where its annual power consumption and star ratings are written clearly.

A list is provided below to know the relationship between power consumption and BEE star ratings.

BEE Star ratingsAnnual Power Consumption
1 Star977 kwh Per Year
2 stars782 kWh Per Year
3 Stars626 kWh Per Year
4 Stars501 kWh Per Year
5 Stars400 kWh Per Year

Source : BEE

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Storage Capacity

Another important factor in a refrigerator buying guide is storage capacity, it depends on certain things that how many family members do you have. The storage capacity of your refrigerator will determine accordingly to it. Normally, a refrigerator has two type of storage capacities one is freezer and the other one is fresh food or normal fridge capacity.  In the freezer you can store the frozen foods that need to be stored at very low temperatures, such as ice cream, cold drinks etc. On the other hand you can keep all the vegetables and other food items in the normal fridge compartments.

Fridge capacity guide

Family MembersRefrigerator Capacity
1 to 2 members80 to 200 Litres
2 to 3members150 to 250 Litres
3 to 4 members250 to 330 Litres
4 to 5 members330 to 450 Litres
6 or more members450 to 650 plus Litres

This is an rough idea about the family members and refrigerator litres.

Door Type or design

Refrigerator can be divided in four different categories based on its door design or door style/ type, those are French door, top freezer, bottom freezer and side by side. Door design is a matter of customer choice so you can choose the door design according to your choice before going to buy an refrigerator. Although the price of your refrigerator depends on door design or type / style.


Features is also depends on customers, each customers has different needs or requirements so before buying an fridge decide what features you need and check them carefully while make a purchase. Some of the essential features for all customers are adjustable shelves, large door pocket, defrost system, fast ice making and inverter operations etc.


Undoubtably, a fridge is an expensive electronic item so don’t forget to check the warranty period before buying it and also reads its terms and conditions carefully so that if any problem occurs after purchase, you can easily overcome from it and along with this also check if there is a service center of that company in your local area.

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FAQs: How to choose the right refrigerator

1. What you should considered when buying an refrigerator?

The things which should considered when buying an refrigerator is mentioned above such as budget, energy efficiency, door design, capacity etc.

2. Which brand is best for refrigerator?

There are so many brand like LG , Samsung, Voltas etc.

3. Why should I buy a 5 star refrigerator?

You should buy a 5 star refrigerator because it consume less energy.


So, that was our refrigerator buying guide for today, hope you got an idea about how to choose the right refrigerator after reading this article.

Hope this article will help you to choose the best refrigerator for you, if yes then pese send me  a feedback it will be a great pleasure for me. If you have any quarries regarding this topic then please comment me below. I will definitely try to answer our all questions ASAP.

Thanks for reading.

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