Window AC vs Split AC : which one we should choose and why? 2024

You need an air conditioner to survive the scoring heat of summer, it is one of the most important and useful electronic product that should have in a hot climate country like India.

But when we go to the market to buy an air conditioner, we don’t understand which AC should be taken Window AC or Split AC. That’s why to solve this problem today we will tell you about window AC vs Split AC differences.

 In our today’s article we will try to answer all of your questions about window Ac vs Split AC. To understand this topic better we have decide the whole topic into some parts so that you are well informed about the topic. So, lets start without any delay.

What is Window AC?

As you can understand from the name, this type of AC units are mounted on the window or somewhere in your room wall. These type of ACs are used to cool small rooms very efficiently. Windows AC is one of the best option for those who have small rooms.

These types of ACs have an indoor unit or evaporator unit and outdoor unit or condenser unit both are located in a single unit. Due to this different type of design, this type of ACs has few advantages and disadvantages.

This type of AC takes the warm room air then it cools the air by its evaporator coil, after that it throws the cool air back into the room. 

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What is Split AC?

Split AC is the most popular and widely used AC type as compared to others. This types of ACs has two different units evaporator which is installed inside the room and the outdoor unit or condenser unit is installed outside the room.

So, a split AC cools your room through these two different units. These types of ACs are able to cool medium to large size rooms very efficiently. However, the cooling process of a window AC and split AC is almost similar.

In adding to having to many features, it has some drawbacks which we have mentioned below.

Window AC vs Split AC difference

Window AC and Split ACs work process is similar but there are many differences between them which I have divided into few different parts and thus we will discuss the whole topic.

Both of these above type of ACs has few differences, the main differences between Window AC vs Split AC are as follows:

Window AC vs Split AC energy consumption

Energy consumption is one of the most important differences between window AC vs split AC. Both window and split ACs have EER and ISEER value so both ACs are good enough in this case.

If we are talking about the power consumption of split AC vs window AC, then there are several things that we need to keep in mind such as energy ratings, cooling capacity, Installation, modern technology.

Energy consumption depends on the model, if your air conditioner has inverter technology then it will consume less energy but if that’s what not then obviously it will increases your electric bill.

Cooling capacity can increase your energy consumption, it is obvious that larger rooms requires more energy to cool your room efficiently.

Likewise, if the installation process is not done properly, more electricity will be wasted than requires be it window AC or split AC.

SO, overall we can say that window AC vs split AC power consumption depends on your ACs model and its BEE star ratings.

Window AC vs Split AC Price

Similar to the power consumption of Window AC vs Split AC , their price also differs.

A window AC is much affordable than a split AC, Split ACs initial cost is little more than window ACs because these type of ACs are have a verity of features and also cost a little more than window ACs due to their complex design and noise free operations.

So, if you are looking for a good AC in affordable price range then window ac can be a good option for you.

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Window AC vs Split AC pros and Cons

Like everything they also have some pros and cons, which we will discuss one by one below

Window AC advantages and disadvantages

Occupies very little spaceLimited cooling space
Easy InstallationsCreates too much noise
Affordable Price rangeMaintenance can be more challenging

Split AC advantages and disadvantages

Improve indoor air quality by various air filtersComplex installation process
Quieter operationsInitial cost is higher
Energy EfficientRequire more space as compare to window AC

FAQs: Window Ac vs Split AC

1. Which is better window ac or split ac?

Both of them are best at their own place, you need to find out what is best for you. in my opinion window Ac are best for small room users and split ac are best for all type of rooms

2. Does window ac consumes more electricity than split ac?

No, we can’t say that power consumption is totally depends on model and BEE star ratings etc aspects

3. What are the disadvantages of window ACs?

There are few disadvantages of window AC like noisy operations, limited cooling capacity etc.


So, this was our today’s window Ac vs Split Ac detail comparison Hope after reading this above article you have got an idea about window ac vs split ac and also understand which one is right for you.

Hope, this article will able to inform you about window AC vs Split AC, if yes then please comment me below or if you have any quarries regarding to this above topic then please ask me, I will definitely try to answer your all questions as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this article till end.

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